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Remove toxins from your environment an eliminate the use of chemically laden products.

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Replace essential vitamins and minerals to help balance your body’s PH with nutrition and personal care products

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Restore your body with nutritional supplements that nourish the body to help you achieve optimal health

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The Nature Rich product line is designed to reduce your exposure to the chemicals found in the many products that you use daily, and replacing these products with natural healthy products to bring about a natural balancing the pH in the body. Together, in a systematic approach, Nature Rich products help cleanse your body inside and out, ridding it of unhealthy toxins. The result is a healthier and happier lifestyle that provides “quality of life”.

As a Naturopath Doctor that specializes in eliminating allergies, it is important to me to use and recommend products that are scent free, free of harmful chemicals, and supports the body.   My hands used to break out  from hand soaps that are full of chemicals.  I use the Moisturizing Mineral Soap not only on my hands, but on my entire body.  Many personal care products such as perfumes, hairspray and even the scent from laundry detergent would send my lungs into a reaction.  I use and recommended the Natural Rich Health Products Selection of the Nature Rich Product Line.

Nature Rich products are based on a simple, results-driven, natural, 3-step system that can be easily added to your daily routine:
– REMOVE toxins
+ REPLACE minerals
ph balance
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